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Enjoying a Big
Finish while taking E-D Meds

Pumped, Primed, and Ready

Before you read any further, I want to let you know that there’s nothing but good news ahead! Taking erectile dysfunction medication for the first time, like any first time, you’re probably going to love it. But, most likely, it’s also going to leave you with a few questions – especially that big one.

All right, so you’ve got a hold of the medication you want, you’re all pumped, primed and ready – but what you really want to know is – is the old pocket rocket going to fire after countdown? Or put simply, with slightly less adolescent phrasing – can you cum while taking ED medications, like Viagra and Cialis ? Ooooh, hell YES!

The Hard Truth About a Soft Dick

Here’s the hard truth about a soft dick; just because you have trouble getting an erection, once you get one, you can still have an orgasm. Essentially, the physical reaction of orgasm occurs after enough stimulation is applied to your penis.

It’s worth noting that achieving an erection is essentially using a different operating system than the one that lets you unload your load. If you get yourself into a good firing position, as it were, things should go off as planned. Now, sometimes there could be other factors at play holding back your orgasm.

Will My Orgasm Feel Different on Medication?

Lots of guys wonder what an orgasm feels like while taking erectile enhancements. Well, if you’ve ever had an orgasm, just imagine what that feels like. Boom! Now, add a heap of confidence, prowess, and an imaginary wind machine with giant penis-shaped flag and you've got the idea.

Having an orgasm while taking ED meds is like any orgasm; they all feel good, but they don’t all feel the same. Think of it like this; your body goes through processes such as burping and farting to release built up pressure within the body. An erection and orgasm is just as important! It is a natural way that your body can relieve stress and tension.

What’s going on inside your head can also have a significant impact on what’s happening inside your pants. Not all erectile issues need medications. But, if you’re like most men who need a little enhancement at some point to help turn average into anything but, keeping yourself in a good headspace is also important. Particularly if you’re all about getting your little head into a better space. With the right education you can feel more sex-positive and bring that confidence into the bedroom.

Working on Your Sex-Positive Mindset

A lot of factors contribute to the relationship between an orgasm and an erection. Seek advice from a licensed medical professional and find out what is going on, even if you just have questions. It’s much easier than you think. When you think about it, we spend so much our lives talking to people we’re trying to have sex with, why not talk to someone on your side who can help you perform it?

Enhance Club supplies private, direct access to a Canadian Medical Practitioner in a virtual space. We spend our lives working on our bodies, our homes, hobbies or cars. Yet, many of us ignore the central operating system for everything that controls out lives – our brains. It has been said, maybe once, that men think with their pants. Which may be true, but sometimes need do a little thinking for our pants, every now and then, and make sure we’re always good to show up for the party.

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