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The Big Truth
About Being Bigger on E-D Meds

It’s My First Time Taking Erectile Dysfunction Medication - What Can I Expect?

Sometimes having too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Which is why, when it comes to the size of your penis, you really can’t get hung up on how you’re hung. When you’re taking Viagra and Cialis or a similar medication, it’s natural to wonder if your erection will be bigger than normal, a.k.a. the fantasy of fantasies!

What the Medication Won’t Do

Will taking erectile dysfunction medications increase the size of your penis? I’ll lay it out straight for you right off the top – nope. What you have to bring to the game is the same equipment you and your teammates are going to be playing with. We don’t assign the tools; we’re just here to help keep them in tip-top shape, literally. ;)

What the Medication Will Do

One thing that does affect the size of an erection is blood flow. Ultimately, the erection size you’ve got when you’re at full size will remain what it is. Some hard-ons can feel stronger than others. But the amount of space inside the soft tissue that becomes engorged when you’re erect stays the same. That’s a bonus!

One of the things Viagra and Cialis can do is help maximize what you’re packing to sexy playtime. When you allow a full rush of blood to your penis, you can really feel the full effects of your sexual experience.

From Personal Experience

When I first took ED meds to help with my erection, I had no idea what to expect. Well, apart from what I was hoping I could expect. But, quite frankly, what I really wanted to make sure of, was that my dick wouldn’t blow up from being overfilled, as it were. I’m proud to say that was not a problem.

It feels good to have an erection when taking ED meds. It also feels good to have an erection, pretty much always. So, again, no need to worry there, at least for me. Everybody is different. But I must admit, when I was packing my super-rod, it didn’t have to be bigger for me to feel like I was slinging dick like a Scotsman tossing telephone poles. And that’s what it’s about.

We’re Here to Help

Taking things to the next level, and being the best version of yourself, begins with striving to be more than average. Being and feeling more than average isn’t exclusive to some and not others. You’re not bound by limitations of who you are or where you live. It’s about how you want to feel. It’s about having an increased self-confidence to take control of your sexual nature and become the best version of who you are along with what you offer, in the bedroom, for you and your partner.

Enhance Club is about giving every guy the chance to do more than what they have done before. It is about giving men a way to move forward and providing a solution to problems that many of us will face in our lives.

There is a wild sexual synergy between making yourself into the intense man your partner desires – and how in turn it can fuel your desires to never stop being this man we know we can be.

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