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Can You Really Increase Your Girth Size?

Published 03 June 2021

Talking about your penis and other details about it, it may be a slightly sensitive topic for some people. Not the least of which is because of the close, misguided association some men have with penis size and masculinity. But length is only half of it. Many men want a thicker penis, too. Girth enlargement is something rarely discussed. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to say about the ‘other’ size of your penis.


When it comes to penis girth, on average, there isn’t a lot of huge variations between men. To see how thick a penis is, it is measured from the circumference of your penis shaft (around the outside). The best way to think about an average size is to put the tip of your index finger (or pinky, if you have giant digits) to the tip of your thumb. The circle in the middle is roughly the size of the average penis girth.


Girth enlargement is possible, but there are many factors that play a part in how much bigger you can really go. One of the most common techniques uses equipment like penis pumps and rings. But they don’t offer any permanent solutions to a thicker penis. That’s because they help pull/trap excessive blood into the shaft of an erect penis. The added pressure in the blood vessels helps swell the girth. It can lead to possible tissue damage to the penis, as well.

When it comes to prescription drugs helping with girth enlargement, the results are deflating. Erectile dysfunction medications work by helping increase blood-flow to the penis to achieve stiffness sufficient for intercourse. But it doesn’t include chemicals that artificially increases penis girth. You’ll only grow to your natural size.

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For a small minority of men who suffer from hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, having a micro-penis can be a result. A micro-penis is very small, due to improper hormone development, particularly around puberty. The lack of proper hormone development prevents the male sex organs from reaching maturity with the rest of the body.

Studies have shown men with this condition can achieve girth enlargement. They get a thicker penis using hormone therapy, particularly daily topical treatments. Results have shown several centimetres in length. Plus, men achieved a thicker penis by more than 50%. While impressive, much of the results are about helping the penis achieve what would have been its normal, post-pubescent size.

However, hormone treatments for other conditions could also result in a thicker penis. But that is between you and your physician.


Penis come in all shapes and sizes. From surgery to pharmaceutical supplements, there are ways to help increase the size of your penis. If you’re hoping to achieve girth enlargement, to enjoy a thicker penis, there isn’t a lot of big things you can do. Because chances are you’re in the average like most men. For those with specific medication conditions, there are viable treatments to help increase the girth and length of your penis.

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