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Find Your Size - The Ultimate Penis Size Map | Enhance Club

Much like a good fishing story, or how far a football really flew, when it comes to how we remember some things – overindulgence may creep in and the reality of the story may shift a bit. So, when asked “how big” you are, or better yet, measure-up compared to the average penis size, telling and checking aren’t the same. However, when a little science and research is applied, there really is a way to do a grow-and-tell. And how you measure-up compared to the average erect penis might grab your attention.


The erect penis is measured along the topside. From the base to the tip, for the most part (with some anatomical adjustments). If you happen to be someone with a particularly wide, or thin, erect penis size, then it wasn’t factored in. So, circumference didn’t seem to have a significant impact in the results. Men with an average penis size all have varying girth.


It should be noted there is no seeming scientific connection to old myth comparing shoe-to-penis size. However, if they are too flashy and oversized, the un-scientific ask-your-friends-method shows a high probability of a small penis. Or at least a poor performing one.

While height was another factor looked at, the average penis size was also relative to a person's stature. While some tall men have a naturally larger erect penis size, relative to their overall size, it’s not always the case. In the same vein, there were still just as many people with smaller statures and bigger than average penis sizes. Some studies have even looked at finger size. But results showed a thumbs down for any notable connection.


If you look at a global map, for the most part, there isn’t any abnormal pattern. However, for the men in Ecuador, they’re positioned as number #1 in having average penis size, casting a long shadow over men from other background. Relative to body size, the men from Ecuador are bringing more action to the game. But men with larger than average erect penis sizes can still be charted almost anywhere. So, it is safe to say, they’re all around us. Just not that many.


The top ten countries on the list for average penis size, it jumps between continents. From Cameroon to Haiti, and Netherlands to Zambia. For Canadians, the men cracked the top 15. The average size reaching 15.71cm. But that is still 2cm shorter than top spot held by South America’s Ecuador.

For those on the lower end, while the British may enjoy a stiff up lip, it might be compensating for something, with men coming in at just over 13cm. At the bottom, is Cambodia at just over 10cm. While smaller, size is still relative, for the most part, to the size of the person.


While penis size may be something many men feel the need to indulge, their partners know the truth. There isn’t a big different between most men when it comes to erect penis size. The average penis size is average across the board. There will always be exceptions. But you’ll find those for yourself because the data shows they could be anywhere and if you really want to boost your sex game, consider taking a Viagra or Cialis to help enhance your sex drive and erection.

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